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What makes a person a person?
November 22, 2012, 16:25
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The natural development of a person is to grow older, wiser, build connections, assimilate into the world… But what if all this time you only see your age jump upwards and nothing else changes? One day you’ll be covered with wrinkles, but annoyingly remain in a time warp of your 18 year old self. Or worse… gradually skin off into some unhuman (..inhuman?) creature.

For quite a while, I’ve been filling my room with favourite things, movies, books… thinking that they define me and make me an individual, but strip them away and what am I?? When I’m outside I put myself in clothes I like but it’s not that they represent me but the opposite – I fill THEIR shoes, and they are the window dressing to disguise the fact that I’m not even a person. Same effect as gussying up your tree in vibrant costumes and sending it out for a walk.

I don’t mind because right now I just hope to be someone useful. I want to get rid of all ridiculous phobias to be able to step out, legitimately¬†help out and not be a burden, but for now I will start small. Anyone who needs help for anything that doesn’t require too much brain power (errands? buying stuff, making things, etc), you can ask me.



Contact XXXX-XXXX for SG’s #1 dedicated and helpful errand runner, thanks.

(NOT a joke! You can really contact me to run errands if you have my number in your phone)


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I realise this is completely unrelated to your post, but have you watched BBC Sherlock? Since you’re (sort of) free now, maybe can go and check it out. I’m AWFULLY lonely in the Sherlock fandom now.. =( (Would this count as an errand? Haha..)

Link to the first episode is here if you’re interested: http://www.veoh.com/watch/v30405960N2xG7WCj/

Comment by Krystal

This Sherlock? xD

I haven’t even watched this show, and I’ve seen tons of its gifs alr :-P I’ll try the pilot soon!

Comment by zhree

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! YES, THIS ONE!! Thanks to tumblr, the first thing i think of when i see this gif is scarf!porn. >.< Where did you see all the gifs from? I only saw them after watching the show cus i couldn't get enough of Sherlock and somehow i ended up on tumblr.

By the way, there's a pilot and an ep1.. They are different but have the same plot. Basically what happened (if my memory serves correctly) is that they filmed a 1-hr pilot to show BBC, and BBC went, "That's AWESOME! Make it into series consisting of 1.5hr episodes!" So instead of thinking up an extra half hour worth of scenes to slot in, they re-filmed the entire thing to make it look decent.

Let me know once you watch it!! Hopefully you'll like it as much as i do..

Comment by Krystal

Ahhh Krystal it’s brilliant!!! Love Sherlock/Watson, and the campy brother Mycroft xD (he’s not in the pilot??! So glad they reshot!)

I saw those gifs when I was browsing forums, posted by fans :-) Isn’t Sherlock so perfect for making gifs? There’s his trademark clicK wink and super fake smile. I looked at some baidu pages and they have crowned him “moe king” lol

*on to next ep*

Comment by zhree

If you could help me make something for my fyp that would be great! nothing too difficult! :)

Comment by limshuning

Alright! ^_^ What do you want me to make?

Comment by zhree

Yay!! Thank you!! I will Facebook Msg you the instructions. :)

Comment by limshuning

jiayin~ where have you gone too. why never update anymore!

Comment by limshuning

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