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The Big Bang Theory and Beatles Hypothesis
April 22, 2012, 00:01
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So, Big Bang Theory and Beatles.



Have the Big Bang Theory creators been sneakily dropping Beatles references in the show, urging us to draw a connection between the greatest band in the world and this band of geeks?

Or am I making a contrived attempt to link the two together?

In any case, the more parallels I notice between them, the harder it is to not post this fangirl piece. So here goes.


Case no 1. Howard Wolowitz / Ringo Starr

What got me thinking about the resemblances between Big Bang Theory and Beatles in the first place! Howard is a dead ringer for Ringo Starr. He sports a moptop, has Ringo mannerisms, plays the drums (on Rock Band), and is the shortest in the group.


He’s a tad creepier than Ringo, for sure, but the similarities are hard to overlook. Like Ringo, Howard’s always teased for his height and inferior paper qualifications to the other PhD-holding scientists. (Yea, and Ringo is sort of considered the lucky guy who just happened to be there at the right time to hitch the Beatles ride. But that’s baloney, of course. X-D)

What’s more, Sheldon christens Howard “the funny one” in their group of four, which is *coincidentally* also Ringo’s nickname from his fans (along with John Lennon “the smart Beatle”, George Harrison “the quiet Beatle”, and Paul McCartney “the cute Beatle”).

Which brings us to “the smart one” Dr Sheldon Cooper.

But before that, a commercial break!

Case no 2. Sheldon Cooper / John Lennon

Mind power!

No physical similarities between these two, apart from height. (John Lennon’s the tallest in Beatles; Sheldon dwarfs his friends like Gandalf with the hobbits.)

But there’s a definite link between them personality-wise. They are wiseasses, fully aware of their genius and riding superior over others. Both of them hold controversial opinions which they say outright without caring about what people think (albeit unwittingly by Sheldon, because he doesn’t understand social protocol).

Also, I remember this part in the show where Sheldon gets bossed around by his “Yoko Ono”, a random girl who pops up and takes over his life, restricting his funtime and estranging him from his friends. X-D

She wanted to share credit for Sheldon’s new theorem (the Cooper-Nowitzki theorem, just like JohnandYoko which must be uttered in a single breath), but Sheldon refused. THANK GOD.

Case no 3. Rajesh Koothrappali / George Harrison


If Raj is Howard’s best friend and George is Ringo’s, then Raj ≈ George.

Strained? Not if you consider how (surprisingly) alike they are in some ways!

George was very spiritual and drawn to Indian culture and mysticism. He became a Hindu (Hare Krishna) in the 60s.

“Through Hinduism, I feel a better person.
I just get happier and happier.
I now feel that I am unlimited, and I am more in control…”
– George Harrison (1943-2001)

Not to mention that he is the “quiet Beatle”. And Raj, with his mutism around women, is the epitome of quiet.

Case no 4. Leonard Hofstadter / Paul McCartney



Which leaves Leonard and Paul McCartney.

Like Paul, Leonard is more normal and sociable among his friends (we’re comparing with Sheldon here!), and the most image-conscious. He isn’t entirely comfortable with his geek status (despising the “nerd” in his name), and wants to be well-liked and accepted outside his own community.


So there you go, Fab Four of the geek world ;-)


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omg. LOVE LOVE LOVE big bang theory. :) interesting comparisons!

Comment by shu ning

I smell TV conspiracy!

Comment by ochreskies

Yup. I’d come to a similar conclusion. Except I’d suggest Leonard is the bispecticled Lennon, with his wit and irony, and Sheldon a slightly uptight Paul.

Comment by Ady

I agree on all counts. Penny, of course, is Linda, while Amy is Yoko. During the episode where Sheldon and Amy terminate their relationship (the Zazzle episode), Leonard refers to Sheldon and Amy as “John and Yoko.”

Comment by cegroove

well i did think about it ,,, same idea here .. but i think that paul issheldon n john is leonard

Comment by jose

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