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Green breeze, yawning cliffs
February 18, 2012, 03:46
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Lovely, raucous cover of Kids by my favourite female singer and favourite Taiwanese band! Who happen to be friends! (Zhang Xuan resembles Rui En so much that nowadays I get momentarily fuddled whenever I see Rui En on Ch8)

Original Kids ~ Minogue and Williams

++// Just read an entertaining piece of old news about this American exchange student who accused NUS of having no academic freedom and its students of being afraid to publicly voice opinions about the political system (for fear of persecution).

He clearly hasn’t been talking enough to Singaporeans – if not he would have known that almost every Tom, Dick and Harry has something (by default, negative) to say about the government. Of course it’s exciting to paint a horror story out of “police state” Singapore to report to progressive Americans back home, but I find it sad that he had been here for 2 whole semesters, yet left with the exact same preconceived notions he came with. And it’s not that he did not receive any info suggesting otherwise, he just managed to skew it in a way that fit into the boxed-up view he preferred.

But reading the comment section of his op-ed made me happy – I was half-expecting locals to react to this one-sided nonsense with angry outpourings, but most of the responses (esp jedi_mudster’s) were much more balanced, carefully considered, and so well-written. So proud of you Singaporeans. (you showed em!!!!!)


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haha, heard the story of the american exchange student… got a full blast of it from my friend who was in the same lecture group as him… apparently he misunderstood a lot of the students’ response to the lecturer’s questions. and actually who can blame him, sometimes not knowing the cultural context, it is easy to misunderstand!

Comment by limshuning

Haha really! What was he like in class? 2 sems should have been good enough to iron out any misunderstandings leh. Unless his prejudices were too deep-seated!

Comment by zhree

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