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Perfect Life
December 2, 2011, 17:28
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During the past half semester when everyone else was hard at work, I exchanged my “full-time student / overtasked zombie” identity for full-time homedweller. Lest you think I had sat on my bum every day doing nothing, no – I have been engaged in some intensive research….on Youtube! Checking out Mandopop celebrities.

I think I’d been terribly prejudiced against popular Chinese music in the past. My impression of it was: an industry populated by prepackaged idols who can’t sing and commercial love songs that are rehashed over and over. But the more I listen to Mandopop, the more I find an incredibly diverse crop of good voices and interesting personalities that I have missed out before. And, top-notch albums like this one.



林宥嘉 / 美妙生活


Unlike albums that string a number of random songs together, Yoga’s records are usually furnished with a strong concept. Everything from the MVs to the musical direction to the lyrics to the album cover is splendidly designed, and holds together as one. I was first drawn to his songs by the MVs, here’s a taste!



Based on the story of 一个人先生 and 没有人先生:



Biting lyrics! Yoga’s deadpan voice is perfect for this song.


Also, I really appreciate the thought behind the order of tracks. The songs in Perfect Life span an entire day cycle – from 自然醒 to 早开的晚霞 and finally, 晚安, which replaces the cynicism of title track 美妙生活 with a closing note of optimism. Through all this, Yoga emerges as an excellent storyteller; someone who’s not merely intoning words but providing a different emotional perspective with each song.

(Sidetrack >>> I just read an online review comparing Yoga’s circumstance as an artiste to fellow pop singers under major labels. It’s really difficult for opinionated artistes to assert the kind of music they want for themselves over company interests, so most end up having to make compromises. But at the same time a record label’s vast resources give individuals the opportunity to link up with the best lyricists and songwriters and production team around, amalgamating talents in every field to deliver an album as good as Perfect Life.)

Ok enough rambling from me! 3 other well-made MVs to end this off:








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Haha HSS rejected me, so I’m still drifting in between~~~

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