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Hung Hing and one-man Tung Sing
June 4, 2011, 03:32
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Just now I was looking down in the shower, and had a peculiar feeling – as if my legs were a pair of stilts that I had borrowed to hoist my belly into the air. Have I always looked down from this height?

It wasn’t too long ago (well maybe it was) when the top of cabinets was an entire cosmos away, only reachable by piggybacking on broad shoulders, while the floor was my best friend. Back then, every long-legged creepy crawlie that gamboled past my feet were larger than life and very frightening. Now, we are the giants who squish-squash without notice!

Speaking of which, our family had a showdown with a rat just now! It (supposedly) dived under the refrigerator, but there we were, preparing to strike with our broomsticks and other lethal weapons, but no rat ever came out. Moving the fridge yielded no rat either. Wonder where it went?


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YEAH RATS JUST SEEM TO DISAPPEAR!! There was once i opened my bedroom toilet door and saw a mouse inside. So i quickly closed the door and called my brother down to help me (i mean, really use handphone and call cus he was upstairs and i din want to let the toilet door out of my sight). But when we went into the toilet again, it was gone! Not in the cupboard or anywhere else! My family only caught it 1-2 weeks later with a sticky rat trap in the kitchen, but i was alr back in hall, so i din get to see it..

Comment by Krystal

eek was your sticky rat trap something like this?

we suspect that the rat had long scrambled from the back of the fridge to the opened window while we were staring intently under the fridge. it was a fail!

Comment by zhree

Eh, the concept is there, but i think my house’s one was black instead of yellow. Even until now i’m still amazed at their ability to climb up vertical walls so easily..

Comment by Krystal

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