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Ho ho sek lah!
May 21, 2011, 03:40
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I’ve wanted to post this for a long time; better do it now before I lose interest!

BACKGROUND: Eason Chan and Nic Tse (谢霆锋) are, surprisingly, the best buds. This is a very good song written by Eason for Nic (absolutely no homoerotic tension implied here ok!)

Anyway I am very very moved by their friendship. Despite seeming completely different at first glance, it’s not too difficult to understand why they became friends once you take a closer look. They have the same rebellious attitude (eh, Eason is implicitly rebellious!); the insistence on being true to themselves under media spotlight; the overall lack of pretension. Both come off as being completely sincere – in song and in person. Of course 谢霆锋 isn’t nearly as great a singer as Eason, but he fights hard for creative input in all his music. And also his public image. His company had once intended to package him as a “cute” teen idol, but luckily 谢霆锋 said NO and flew all the way to some Western country in protest. He came back eventually, and made some kind of compromise, but stayed himself ever since.

I’ve digressed. What I’m trying to say is that 谢霆锋 and 陈奕迅 are both accomplished in their own fields – one a newly-crowned 影帝 and another, a long-time K歌之王 – and very single-minded in the pursuit of what they want. But their paths mainly cross in music. Here are some videos!

I love how 谢霆锋 was bewildered for a few seconds when Eason’s voice abruptly floated out of the dark. Apparently Eason had sneakily planted himself into 谢’s supporting band at the back, to the latter’s utter oblivion. 哈3哈4,见鬼啦!

10 years later, at Eason’s DUO concert, the tables were turned:

Ok one more for good measure! I’ve been looping this song so much over the past week that I’m afraid I’m going to get sick of it very soon.


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jiayin! did you delete your facebook account? wanted to send you a picture of the knitted creature i knitted for you. plus i added a ring to it so you can wear it as a ring! haha! :)

Comment by limshuning

yay little knitted beep! i will make you something too! do you prefer: brooch or hairband? (or ring?)

haha nope i only deactivated it. you can send to my email! onetwozhree at gmail dot com :-)

Comment by zhree

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