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Complaints of a very lazy person
March 31, 2011, 02:52
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Don’t you hate it when each day starts feeling like a mindless chase after deadlines? One down, and before you can catch a few winks, it’s a frantic race after the next. And the next…and next. A bit pointless isn’t it?

It’s worse when they DON’T line up obediently like that, and instead roll into one huge, monstrous ball of deadlines. Incredibly, each deadline seems oblivious to the presence of other deadlines, and all 7 of them are making separate demands for your commitment and undivided attention. Give me a break now!!! I’m not enjoying this, and every day it seems to get harder and harder to make myself do work. With such little time left, it’s also inevitable that some deadlines take prominence while others get left in the cold.

If I have to be impartial – how about I give an equally half-hearted response to all, then? How about a hastily concocted, half-baked concept? (which I am very practiced at) Followed by a hundred dollars down the drain to print worthless stuff out; then a harshly worded critique; then an exile to the dustiest corner of my room? Or, how about I pretend that the lump of deadlines isn’t coming my way, sit here and close my eyes until it disappears. OR, how about I thrust this shit back at its creators! Easy to dictate, but how easy is it to carry out yourself?

* I know I complain about the same thing every single semester, but no matter how students gripe and suffer emotional breakdowns and give anonymous aggressive feedback at the end of each ordeal, teachers never seem to grow compassion. I wonder if they’re secretly enjoying this, cackling when they see sleep-deprived faces, deriving sadistic pleasure from chiding students over “failing to manage their time properly”. It’s like, revenge at last! Years of bottled-up anger during their own student years finally given release over a bunch of fresh-faced victims.

I hope they’re happy now. Complaining has made me very sleepy. Goodbye!


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A flurry of posts after a haitus of silence~ ‘Ware the monster of deadlines! Fly from its evil face. I love deadlines though. I love the whooshing sound it makes as it flies by my ear ~ Douglas Adams

Comment by lyd

symphony of whooshing sounds soon!

Comment by zhree

i complain about the same thing every semester too. doing tight sketches for GD now and still complaining about it. BOO. they are all fighting for attention like pesky little children who hasn’t been inducted into this whole evil plan called ‘school’.

PS: oh and i have to add i was very pleasantly surprised by this little treat (your blog post). your creative writing class has enhanced your writing either that or it is all your bottled up writing juice which has just been released. :)

Comment by limshuning

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