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Essay hell! (& Chinese emoticons)
October 29, 2010, 03:07
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It’s 3 a.m. and I’m banging my head against the floor.


Sadako is here too! She enjoys sweeping the floor with hair.


This is Ju On.


On a less spooky note, here’s someone with a pointy rear end.


Someone with a pointy rear end breaking wind.


Now we are all huddled on the ground, contemplating the fragile lives of ants.

zrX Xrz

And our heads explode!

6 hours left, 918459125 words to go


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Wow.. wow.. wow.. i NEVER EVER would have thought of such emoticons.. why isit considered chinese emoticons?

Comment by Anonymous

i wouldn’t either! credit goes to the clever chinese japanese people (sorry my mistake) who came up with them. there are more variations here

Comment by zhree

LOL! omg, i didn’t understand it at first but now i do!!! :D

Comment by limshuning

haha i’ve always wondered why the chinese/taiwanese people keep on saying “orz, orz” until i googled it

my favourite is this!

rz –> so until his chin dropped off

Comment by zhree

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