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August 1, 2010, 06:56
Filed under: Mind in a knot

Now that I’ve watched this, I feel like I’ve been let in on a secret known only to – and passed around excitedly – by Inception-watchers. I finally understand all that mumbo jumbo people have been talking about!

Actually, was half-expecting myself to glaze over the entire movie (like what I did with Quantum of Solace), but I couldn’t be more mistaken. For 148 minutes (which felt much, much longer, like dream-time) I was eyeballing the screen unblinkingly, and at the end of it, stumbled out of the cinema feeling shaken and strange.

9 years ago I was blown away by Lord of the Rings (remember the crazy 10,000-strong army marching towards Helm’s Deep?) And now, Inception.

I have a pressing urge to take apart Christopher Nolan’s brain and study its contents bit by bit, but most importantly, I have to know now! Did the totem stop spinning eventually? Did it? DID IT???


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This is lit!! Its open to interpretation!! And the reason why Christoper Nolan purposely dun let us know if the totem stopped spinning is cus he’s kinda doing Inception on us.. Inserting the idea into our head.. and we are stuck pondering over it for days and days…

Comment by kristy

haha, that cunning old fox. guess i’m sticking to the second interpretation

Comment by zhree

hahaha. the spinning totem is directed at the audience not the characters. it is just alerting us to lose our balance in thought which we thought tied up nicely after the plane, yada yada.

Comment by shuning (lim)

“lose our balance in thought”

yep! i thought it was really neat, no more loose ends, until…

Comment by zhree

ohmygod. what is this? a month without updates. i thought that time you said you WERE going to blog? now where’s the blogged entry?!

ta da rum dam ta da rum dam. :O
bu zhi dao~ wo bu zhi dao~~!

Comment by `jia min

:-O it’s in the draft folder, waiting to be completed!

Comment by zhree

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