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0-0 (both the score, for now, and my current facial expression)
June 29, 2010, 23:56
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Even though I know nuts about football (and even less about Japan’s chances against Paraguay), I’m going to invest every last bit of hope in the surviving Asian side.

According to these post-match highlights I’ve watched, Japan has been pretty slick with quick goals and spirited play, so it better last till the….penalty shoot-outs! Gah! GO JAPAN!


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My dear Jiaying, I didnt know you watch football! Now the Asian dream of getting into the top eight teams in the world cup has been dashed, are u still gonna support any country?

Comment by yibo

hey! how’s your internship?

i was going to say brazil, but well….. every team i’m supporting is going out! >:-|

maybe i should bet on ghana and see how things turn out

Comment by zhree

yo jiaying! Internship is boring and the place here is really filthy! I really miss the clean streets and smoke-free air. How’s your holiday?

Comment by yibo

wrong spelling! it’s jiayin without the g

eh, holiday’s pretty boring too! but i’ve gotten used to lazing around and not doing anything in particular, so i’m kind of glad for our longer vacation :-P

when you coming back? i’m thinking of joining aikido next sem! haha (all the boxing schools seem very scary!)

Comment by zhree

Aikido! hahaz I could still remember the first time i joined aikido in NTU, I came home with a bruised shoulder and painful ribs. It hurts more than coming back from Tkd practice!

well i’m coming back in mid aug. what modules are u taking? Stars system is a pain in the neck–im on the waitlist for 2 modules and i cant even get the modules that i want!

Comment by Anonymous

i’m taking these modules: typo, GD, history of GD and asian art. the rest still on waitlist. haha i put 10 electives on the waiting list, got intro to creative writing, forensic sci, astronomy, language translation, etc etc.

i got typo and GD on the same day leh :-( need to switch index with someone!

which modules you registered alr? i thought must put at least 3 PEs and 3 UEs each on the waitlist? STARS very ma fan :-\

Comment by zhree

omg at least ?! i’ve got 2 PEs and 1 UE on waitlist (marketing and some magic realm thingy under HSS and psychology)
damn, i’m not gonna wait! i’ll try my luck during add/ drop. I really hope i can get it

Comment by Anonymous

jiayou! i really hope i can get mine too!

Comment by zhree

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