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Wake up to boredom, sleepyhead!
May 10, 2010, 20:12
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(I’m suddenly reminded of a road sign pointing towards a mysterious “Nirvana” in Jln Bahar, have to go there sometime!)

Belted out songs in the car with papa yesterday night (as we waited for ma to return), only that we were tuned to very different channels – his opera, mine rock (the noise!)

In near-darkness with headphones supplying deafening background music and vocals, all the self-consciousness about horrible singing was gone. It felt like we were holding two discordant concerts in the same venue, with the empty seats as our (unwilling) audience. It was fun!

Papa also embarked on his “If Only” story yet again (“If only I had gone to Europe and received classical training as a singer, I could now be on par with Pavarotti, maybe even better…”) – one that I’ve heard so many times I knew every word by heart. I have many “if only”s of my own too, but they’ve been tossed and turned over so many times in my head I guess there’s not much point to dish them out here.

Anyway, yesterday was a marked departure from the past few nights – then, I was so sleepy that the 700m walk home from the train station always seemed to stretch on forever, and I had been very very tempted to stop over at the community centre to take a quick nap (which wasn’t going to be very quick, the sensible part of me reasoned, so I obediently dragged my feet home instead). Uncannily, everyone seems to be hit by this sleepy spell as well, so maybe it’s a university post-exam syndrome?

The problem is, after the sleepy syndrome comes boredom. Hair-tearing, insanity-inducing, nothing-to-do!!!!!!!!!!!! boredom. Oh well. I need to get a job, a haircut, repair my damaged bodyclock, and most importantly, return everything to normal (rewind: before school started!)


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i will give you something to do. write a children’s book in your signature illustrations! :D

oh and i remember that ‘nirvana’ sign! together with the ‘garden of remembrance’ sign! i think they are both columbariums.

Comment by shuning (lim)

oh…it’s aptly named.

yup, i think i’ll write one! actually i made a whole list of things to do, now i just need to stop building sky castles and GET STARTED :-P

Comment by zhree

“sky castles”. i like that. will kope it for a name of my blogpost someday. :P

Comment by shuning (lim)

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