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On a quiet note
May 6, 2010, 02:11
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So, that’s it.

A full-stop to my days as a Year 1, yesterday – it was delayed a little by mindless slacking after class, but over nonetheless the moment we stepped out of that door. (After a year spent here, the thought of moving to the cool, avant-garde ADM building next semester is no longer attractive. I’m going to miss you and your grey walls, S3.1!)

After feeling pretty downhearted yesterday (while feeling happy at the same time), I woke up today a little bit older, a little bit colder. For reasons unknown-o-o-own –

I guess yesterday’s low spirits had stemmed from my desire for long-lasting relationships beyond that of “classmates” – proximity friends which fade away once class is over; but as much as I want it, I don’t have a lot of faith in my ability to create / maintain something like that nowadays. It seems like the older I become, the harder it is to make real friends beyond “hi-bye” and awkward small talk, especially in a place like university. See what a cynical old woman I am already!

Even though I may not have been the most sociable kid around (in fact it’s quite the opposite); I still admire, even ENVY my past self for being able to cross the difficult hurdle of “acquaintanceship” so much more effortlessly, for being happy without any trace of contrivance. Maybe it was the naivety everybody had back then which made things much easier.

Whatever the case………………I will miss this class!


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oh my you are really sounding like a 55 year old woman underneath that 17 year old face!

Comment by Emily

wo lao le! |||:-D <– that's the wrinkles on my forehead!

Comment by zhree

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