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Hard to believe that it’s already Sunday
May 2, 2010, 22:56
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We’re almost done!!!

After sleeping nearly an entire day away, the euphoria of holding an almost-finished work in your hands is starting to wear off. But I still can’t help grinning stupidly to myself when I look at the thing. Just a bit more just a bit more!

For the past few days…and nights, I’ve become so familiarized with our S3.1 building that I was even beginning to fuse into its structure myself. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – all blurring into a long, unending day. Also, after scaring myself half to death last night over a “supernatural” encounter, I’ve concluded that S3.1 IS NOT HAUNTED – the only eerie things hanging around the place are hollow-eyed student zombies who’ve been camping overnight.

Alright, time for dinner! (annddd TV, I’ve missed you!)


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ahahahah! jiayin! love part about “hollow-eyed student zombies “. ohoho. i feel exactly like you do regarding the last few days. we have been there on wed,thurs, fri, sat, sun, mon. oh my!

Comment by shuning (lim)

haha add tuesday to that as well!

after everything is over, it’s hibernation time! repay the sleep debt z_z

Comment by zhree

indeed…after the intensive 1 week prior to 2D submission, we should award ourselves!

Comment by yibo

yep!! it’s a whole holiday ahead >:-D

Comment by zhree

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