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It’s the little things that overwhelm
April 30, 2010, 04:28
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It’s funny how a great ordeal toughens us up and makes us more resolute, but we crumple so easily to the tiniest, most trivial of things. The slightest tumble and someone is down for good.

I’ve been thinking about this….After someone kills himself, the press is always quick to paint a sad, pathetic picture of the person, and tries to come up with a hundred and one reasons for the act. The most convenient ones: broken family, failed relationships, stress, victim of schoolyard bullying, etc.

But what if it’s none of the above? What if the actual reason (or reasons) is so insignificant to others, so pointless and silly that it cannot be put on paper? Or, what if there are no reasons at all. Not something concrete that you can pinpoint anyway, but a gradual accumulation of feelings hard to describe.

Sometimes I find it very scary when you don’t have a strong attachment to anything at all, living like a ghost, almost – I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. I tell myself that it’s good to let go a little and see where life takes me, but maybe it’s just a free-falling phase I’m in right now – and some time later I will pick myself up again.

Well, after all this rambling I’m still not sure what point I’m trying to make, but I just need to get these thoughts off my mind for now and direct myself to something more productive. (Hello, work!) (On second thought, the bed makes a very strong appeal…….)


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When you are facing the little things that overwhelm, you should come here (http://colormekatie.blogspot.com/) to arm yourself with the wonderful, colourful, and whimsical, to fight off any unhappy thoughts! I think she’s a great example of someone who does what she wants, loves what she does, and is living proof that such a lifestyle is not unsustainable! Reading her blog just makes me smile :)

Comment by kristy

it’s very cute! :-D

Comment by zhree

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