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Why are you stuck in my head, song?
April 21, 2010, 23:44
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And another module came to a close today.

It still feels weird to have everything end so abruptly, without a proper finish (complete with Auld Lang Syne and teary goodbyes), like all the end-of-classes have always been. In a few weeks to come, I can no longer claim to be a still-out-of-sync-with-university freshie, and in its place will stand an experienced, sagely Year 2! Ack.

Although I can’t wait to shake off all these annoying deadlines and work (5 May! 5 May!), a part of me is still stubbornly tugging at the hemline of Foundation Year. Don’t go so soon, please!

Also, I realise that I can only work in sudden, unplanned spurts. During these strange bursts of motivation, I would be the most hardworking person on Earth; furiously scribbling notes, doing research, churning out piece after piece of work that makes me very proud. But once the surge is over – no matter where I am, no matter who’s around, I can’t get back to the WORK WORK WORK URGENT! mode again.

Well, WAH exam’s tomorrow but it’s the furthest thing from my mind now.

A blank mind and hesitant pen beckon! (I hate exams)


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wah jiayin ur sch’s adm building really got the art atmosphere inside leh! me and my fren went there today then we felt kind of out of place :S haha

Comment by tyb

hmm but a lot of students always go to the rooftop and library to study

go check out the pop-up book section (near the counter) in the library! the pop-up books there very very nice :-D

Comment by zhree

ohh i didnt notice it that time! think i will go down to the adm library again somedays! how long can the multimedia collections there be borrowed?

Comment by tyb

i don’t think you can borrow the multimedia stuff, unless you want to watch them in the library (there’s a tv room upstairs btw!! you can borrow the dvds and bring them up to watch)

haha i think i may camp in adm library one day to watch all the movies they have. there’s so many!!!!!!!!

Comment by zhree

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