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April 16, 2010, 01:51
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“Here it comes in the morning
I’m just trying to forget
Keep it real, keep it simple
And somehow just get out of bed

And this city is endless
I’m as cold as it’s stone a storm
Yeah this city is endless
And I, I’m walking alone;

Sunlight creeps in between the curtains
Lose the sheets there’s no time for sleep
I lie, I pretend ‘til (couldn’t catch the words) I’m almost certain
It’s a beautiful world

I wanna ask for direction
But I don’t dare to disturb
I got a thing with affections perfection
Yeah, that’s why I’m walking alone”

I’ve been looping Carolina Liar’s “Beautiful World” for days, thinking that it was trying to relate something very important to me, and for a moment there I believed I had gotten an epiphany. But a quick check with elyrics.net and I found out that my selective hearing was at work again (hear only the good stuff!); there was so much arbitrary omission / replacement of words that the songwriters would be frowning in disapproval.

Was intending to write about this “epiphany” but now it’s put back into doubt again…
As always. (Carolina Liar, if only you had written the lyrics the way I originally heard)

Resolve’s vanished with a poof, so I’ll just go back to passively waiting for things to drop out of the sky then.


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