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Pieces of jigsaw or less
March 30, 2010, 10:29
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I realise that I can only write in bits and pieces – disjointed scraps of writing which I piece together afterwards. I can never write a coherent piece from start to end, so when I’m confronted with blank pages to be filled (1500 words to be exact for the essay I’m still working on) I baulk, squeeze out a few painful sentences, and then fly off to neverland with procrastination my favourite friend.

I don’t think I can ever survive in HSS this way (not that they would want me anyway); Take-home assignments are fine but how can I Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V whenever I like during exams?

Essay-writing only gets comfortable for me when I can randomly put in fragments of thought without worrying about the whole structure, the order, until the very end. Which is not the way academia works, so…. Why do I have a feeling that I cannot survive in university no matter which faculty I consider? :-\


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“fly off to neverland with procrastination my favourite friend.”

HAHAHA! not a very good friend that is… bad influence! LOL!
but i guess everyone experience this problem. :(

Comment by shuning (lim)

“fly off to neverland with procrastination my favourite friend.”

Your blog is a wealth of quotes.

Comment by lydia

my best friend said something about ‘the bits and pieces’ to me as well, in reference of my writing which he described as rambling. gotta try a little harder kiddo it usually works if you press on till like 3 am when all you hear is nothing but the buzzing of crickets and cars on the expressway, and your thoughts of course. good luck!

Comment by Emily

thank you sn,ly,em! :’-)

yep will work hard(er)

Comment by zhree

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