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Baudelair, Charles!
March 27, 2010, 23:53
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Digressing a bit from WAHHHH research…(Help so much homework hownowow)

Presenting to you…Monsieur Charles Baudelaire! Controversial and chronically depressed art critic of his time.

Charles Pierre Baudelaire was a slow and fastidious worker, often sidetracked by indolence, emotional distress and illness, and it was not until 1857 that he published his first and most famous volume of poems, Les Fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil).

He also proved himself to be a well-informed and passionate critic and gained the attention of the greater art community. That summer, however, despondent about his meager income, rising debts, loneliness and doubtful future, because “the fatigue of falling asleep and the fatigue of waking are unbearable,” he decided to commit suicide and leave the remainder of his inheritance to his mistress. However, he lost his resolve and wounded himself with a knife only superficially. He implored his mother to visit him as he recovered but she ignored his pleas, perhaps under orders from her husband.


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That dude is in some serious need of anti-depressants.. Either that or he just likes to act emo.. i mean, come on.. “he decided to commit suicide… However, he lost his resolve and wounded himself with a knife only superficially.”!?

Comment by kristy

hahahah that wikipedia entry made my day! and for some reason he reminds me of hamlet o.o

Comment by zhree

hiiiiie <- omg retard manner.

i mean (((:
my friend. chronically depressssssed. oh he is your friend too o.O


Ispam. will spam remover filter me o.0

Comment by `jiamin

oh it didnt. Yay for manual settings.

where are yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Comment by `jiamin

here i am! want to sleep but cannot sleep. wah, wah, wah la la, western art history is driving me nuts, so is everything elseeee

Comment by zhree

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