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59th day
March 10, 2010, 20:45
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Aircon card, aircon card. Forgot again today!

Everyone’s trying to be Tiger Woods nowadays. Cheating, more cheating, blah blah blah blah. And it’s not just the straying men who annoy me; it’s the women who pop up one after another, falling over themselves to be part of the whole affair. Then again, news of this kind – none of it surprises me anymore. With so much media coverage, it’s only going to get more and more prevalent, I guess!

I’m almost done with this week! Looking forward to Nodame Cantabile, four more days hooray :-D

Aiyo when did Chiaki become so skeletal? Eat more!


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Comment by jing mei

yay! :-D (wah you sleep so late!)

Comment by zhree

Whee! I just watched the movie just now. It is good. =) yay!

Comment by jing mei

(((((:-D my eyebrows are wagging!

Comment by zhree

haha.. but the ending is quite disappointing. dun expect too much first.. cos the movie has 2 parts. =)

Comment by jing mei

i don’t understand the stresemann part! hope nothing drastic will happen to him :-\

Comment by zhree


Comment by kristy

hooray for aircon!!

Comment by zhree

I shall await yr return to commence the maiden usage of our aircon and new aircon card!!! =D

Comment by kristy

haha you use first la! then can give me a detailed user review on monday night! :-P

Comment by zhree

Haha.. its alright, i’m not staying over the weekend this time anyway.. so the next time will be just nice we can test-use it on mon night! ^_^

Comment by kristy

wah nodame seems nice! tell me how’s it after u watch it !:D

Comment by tyb

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