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Fangirl Phase 1! / (That’s as far as I will go, hopefully)
March 9, 2010, 22:52
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And the current object of obsession?
Mr Creepy Smile who is fascinatingly scary and has an endearing Kansai accent. :->

I’ve no idea what’s to come (beyond ep 60+ which I’m stuck at), but I still think that the Ichi in Gin’s name is something significant. They did mention once that people with the 一 character in their names are special, so it can’t be merely a coincidence for Gin to be the only one with Ichi in his name other than Ichigo. And on top of that he’s our very enigmatic villain. (Go away Aizen!) So I’ll patiently wait for my Ichimaru vs Ichigo showdown!

I could watch this all day.

It’s sad that Gin and Hollow Ichigo don’t appear very often, without them even Bleach has become pretty bleak, to me.


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