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Ubbling Bubbling
March 8, 2010, 21:17
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Been feeling out of sorts lately (?).

And when I’m feeling out of sorts, chances are I’ll find myself here typing pointless entries. I’ve actually written loads of stuff offline, but after a while they grow stale and I don’t feel like putting them up anymore.

You know, it would be nice if there are rich kings out there who have grown so world-weary and jaded that they’ll do nothing but sit at their desks all day long, accepting posts from strangers all over the world. And they’ll be so hungry for the intimacy of a handwritten letter that they are even willing to pay for it, 5 pounds per piece.

If such a person really exists, I’ll very happily write to him every day – sending my scrawly writings and doodles over, hoping that he’ll appreciate them. Maybe things which don’t have a place in real life, things which don’t have any big Meaning or Purpose pinned on them, can finally find an audience in the unhappy king.


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tell me the address if you manage to find such a king…

Comment by shuning (lim)

sure thing! :-P

Comment by zhree

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