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Byebye pottyfolio
February 10, 2010, 23:56
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Sent Pottyfolio into the hands of Ice Man this evening, hope it’ll do me proud! The Ice Man in question is unfortunately our dear old dean of ADM, who in person is certainly not the beard-twiddling elderly gentleman that I expected him to be. It feels so weird to have principals who are not…nice. Somehow I’ve gotten used to the idea of the principal as a folksy old man you can write letters to, pleading with him to let you into the course you desire.

I know what you’re thinking….Welcome to the real world. :-(

The Real World consists of Ice Men, Women, and many other characters we know about but hope never to encounter in our own lives. And here, the thought of an Ice Man reigning over us, making life-changing decisions for us (it is!), and hanging our fates by a thread; it’s depressing.

On a different note, I’m finally out of the whirpool I’ve been in since the start of this week (what a horribly long week it has been!) I felt like I’ve had little command over whatever I was doing; just blindly moving from one deadline to another, telling lie after lie, doing one irresponsible thing after another….It got so overwhelming that all I wanted to do was to hit Pause on my life and then Rewind. Deadlines are not bendable (as I was always convinced); “it’s these things that will cost me”, yes I know.

“Next time I will not…” Not that such promises will ever be fulfilled by themselves, but at least I know now, thanks to the Ice Man, that things will never go as well as I fantasize. I may not get into VC, perhaps not because of what my portfolio lacks, but simply because I didn’t have any regard for the submission deadline.

…………..:-(  which has been a sufficiently self-berating realisation, so if I do receive bad news, just let me push all the blame to Mr Ice Man for now!


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