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Thanks for the bombshell, you horrible Aey Dee eM
February 6, 2010, 16:52
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Today I found a delightful email in my inbox.


“Dear Students,

This year we have had 77 students electing to take Viz Comm as their chosen Major. This number is too large for the school to manage and we have therefore had to put into effect a secondary selection procedure. Our aim is to reduce this number to 60 or below. To effect this can you all please submit to my office by MONDAY, FEB 8th the following items:

PORTFOLIO: A portfolio composed of the following FIVE items:
– One piece from your Fdn 2D class
– One piece from Fdn 3D class
– One piece from Fdn 4D class
– Two pieces from any self-directed projects
(NOOOOO what if whatever “self-directed projects” you have are all inside the school admission portfolio already!!!!)

Each piece to be in 2D format (i.e. no objects).
Each piece to be clearly marked on the reverse with your name and Matric Number.
All pieces to be collated within a single folder with your name and Matric Number marked on the front.

FORM: Fill in the attached form indicating clearly a second and third choice (It will be implicitly assumed that your first choice is Viz Comm).

Faculty will then make a selection based on a review of this material. Should their decision not be unanimous your GPA will be used to moderate the result. All decisions will be made known to you by FRIDAY 12th FEB.

Asst. Prof. XXX
Acting Associate Chair (Academic)”


Since reading this, I’ve already gone past periods of despair, “I-feel-like-burning-down-the-AeyDeeeM-department” anger, and I wonder what else. But now I’ve hatched a plan, which is probably not for the best, but it’s what desperate souls turn to in desperate situations (P.S. Since I’ve decided on VC I will stick to it like stubborn glue.) So plan, please work!


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come on come on!

Comment by `jiamin

smile and jiayou ! !

Comment by `jiamin


Comment by `jiamin

thanks a million!! fight!

Comment by zhree


Comment by tyb


Comment by vivien

thanks! :-)

Comment by zhree

So have u finished it?

Comment by Kristy

All the best!! :)

Comment by yunxuan

thank you! it’s a done deal :-O

Comment by zhree

zomg. i think ntu really likes these kind of stuff. good luck!

Comment by choo

haha i got in! but in the end they allowed everyone to get in -_-

Comment by zhree

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