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January 15, 2010, 06:32
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Fourth day. I’m home!

Just had a Together marathon with brother over a 4-hour long dinner (supper?), which put me into a very zen mood. Recently my family seems more together than ever before, I’m glad. Everyone is proud of my brother and so is he of himself! Tomorrow is going to be my dad’s birthday and this date is somehow jinxed every year, but I have high hopes that things will go by peacefully this year.

I’m now blasting Stairway to Heaven through the speakers and getting frustrated over not being able to play even the beginning few notes properly. I have to remind myself to stop trying to play difficult tunes or thinking about being a pro when I’ve barely grasped the basics. I am fickle and give up too easily, and somehow the teacher picked this up so she kept on hinting that I’ll throw in the towel soon enough. Well I won’t! The more she thinks I will, the more I won’t. (I hope.)

By the way now I have a self-imposed ban on unnecessary spending all the way till March! So if you happen to catch me eyeing something greedily or pondering about whether to blow cash on something that I don’t really need, then please stop me at once! This is the last measure I’m taking before sending my ATM card away on a lonely vacation to some faraway hideout where I’ll never be able to find it.


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Just make sure yr hideout isn’t somewhere where others will find it.. haha.. Or u could pass it to someone to safekeep for ya.. lol

Comment by Kristy

how is self imposed ban ever a measure .. o.o
and unnecessary spendings are bad! even after march.

and yeah you ve got it. im embarking on my favourite pastime still

Comment by `jiamin

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