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Breaking my back just to know your name
January 12, 2010, 21:04
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Second day of school. I woke up from painful cramps to immediate relief in the form of Somebody Told Me by electric guitar and bass! Yay! I like the singer’s voice a lot, but somehow it feels like the drums are dragging her down. But very cool hor, to play in a band! They even played Zombie, I was wondering if she’ll do the Zo-om-bie-ee bie-ee bie-ee thing but luckily she didn’t.

Ok, back to work!


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ooohh. remember my favourite pastime! im here again. :))

the prof is so ‘in’ kkaes!
you knw whats on screen.. paint shop pro! omg.

Comment by `jiamin

MS paint shop? never heard before

Comment by zhree

ee you never hear b4?!
been ard fr so long already. paint shop pro is nt simply ms paint!

Comment by `jiamin

KIT ah why u during lesson still go online, jy’s blog somemore! TSKKK

Comment by tyb

orh corel paint shop pro ah. haha i only remembered the first word!

Comment by zhree

jy: yah i think so! although i never really use before..

yb: ahh! tskkk??x.x im listening! i am !! xP

Comment by `jiamin

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