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December 22, 2009, 16:25
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zhen kuai le wo bi
I love this show! I’m really surprised that it’s good, because the most hyped-up Ch8 ‘blockbusters’ usually turn out to be massive flops. But over here: good script, excellent production values, stellar acting (yes even Elvin Ng!), endearing characters, blah blah blah. Mediacorp blockbusters always fall back on the same unrealistic cliches (big affluent family with man sitting at the head, wives scheming against one another to gain power…sounds familiar?), which tend to distance the viewer rather than engage, so I’m very happy that Mediacorp has finally decided to step away from this lousy formula!

They have also put a lot of work into characterization this time round; although they did throw in a few stereotypes like the meddlesome miser, there is no longer a clear dichotomy between the good guys and the bad guys, everyone is a fully fleshed-out individual with believable motivations. Like Lin Xiaobei (I’m tempted to call him Xiaomei!), it’s very rare to see a male lead with 心机 (Google translated this as ingenuity but sounds wrong somehow), who can’t be exactly classified as a GOOD good guy; he’s smart, he’s resourceful, he likes to say gallant words (probably likes the way they roll off his own tongue), he knows when to play hero and when not to. There are so many sides to him that it amazes me. (And actually he reminds me of my brother too.) Even the side characters! At first I thought Jin Hao was just going to be a typical unscrupulous vainpot who would do anything to get what she wants, but she’s so much more than that. Thank god Fiona Xie rejected this role, she’s an interesting person but I don’t think she has enough acting chops to carry this off.

Anyway, I’ve caught all the episodes (my mom recorded them muahaha!) and I must say that none of them has disappointed me so far. This sounds corny but actually I’m really excited that Mediacorp has finally produced a local drama that I can be proud of! Not a lot of people are following it though, but if you’ve managed to sit through that terrible 34-episode-long melodrama called Little Nyonya, giving Dang Wo Men Tong Zai Yi Qi a shot won’t hurt! Now I’ll just silently pray that there’s no rape scene in this show (I see a potential one coming, please no no no), and I’m a happy customer. I promise I’ll go buy the VCD when / if it comes out!

[Edit: I take back what I said! Today’s ep was ridiculous, seems like things will go downhill from here onwards :-( ]

Now for

Sorry couldn’t resist. Tarzan is great!


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Yes when I saw the ads for the potential rape scene (some more is the charlie zhang actor) I was like zzzzzzzzzzz.

Comment by vivien

eh that person is charlie zhang? wl not him again!

Comment by zhree

damn nice blog you found. blog that has post so bloody hell nice (extreme, i mean). :D

Comment by `jiamin

why thank you!

Comment by zhree

why you are welcome -.=

Comment by `jiamin

Stumbled across your blog randomly… So, in the end, how was Together?

Comment by Amy

my first half was good, the second half, disappointing. and the ending…:-<

overall still a nice effort though! (i love the sets!)

Comment by zhree

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