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December 16, 2009, 02:57
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I’ve been resisting the Gaga mania for a looong time (because I have a personal bias against radio friendly pop / electronic music la), but recently I found myself obsessively watching and re-watching Lady Gaga videos, her live performances, MVs, interviews blah blah blah. And she actually sounds surprisingly better live, with powerful deep vocals (I like!) complementing her onstage theatrics. But the more I watched, the more I felt distant from this Gaga person.

Credits: huffingtonpost.com
She doesn’t seem human at all, and no I’m not just talking about her outlandish behaviour and crazy cool costume choices, those are part of her persona. It’s like, you can’t associate any sort of human character trait with Lady Gaga (eccentric and theatrical not counted, because that’s what she set out to be). Maybe I’m being unfair because entertainers do have their public images to maintain after all, but even so I still can catch glimpses of their personality every now and then, in interviews, etc. But for Lady Gaga, nothing. It feels like her whole life is a 24/7 performance, either she’s completely sucked into it or she NEVER lets up.


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