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Don’t let everything be a burden
December 8, 2009, 01:32
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Buy speakers, portable hard disk, Nikon dzler, acoustic guitar, Aino.

Buy slippers, bring tissue boxes.

Colour photocopy! And when are you gonna finish that redo assignment?

Hello aunties of the library, call me soon!

Guitar classes start in Jan, four terribly long weeks away.

Drum lessons…will wait.

Asterisk. Studio recording!

Not to mention, Universal Studios.

Need an extra source of income!

Cook bake sew stitch like a dainty lady.

Go on adventures, on foot, with wheels, in water.

Hit the gym, jog, curb the growth of flab!

Upload photos, send videos. For some reason every little thing has swelled to monstrous proportions with time.

I should make a virtual portfolio of Sem 1 too.

Strumming and singing on the streets one day, Nagashi-style. Pick an ideal town where no license is required.

Kara ok?


Clothes maketh the man.

(But exercise some restraint please.)

Time to unearth my (as-of-now) undiscovered motor skills! But on second thoughts…

Personal projects, make, give, sell.

The mighty pen.

Which goes together beautifully with quaint bookstores.

Share a little, and a lot.

Carry out those plans, don’t let them settle comfortably in the back of your mind.


Own store, own book, pop-up surprises.

BE NICE TO PARENTS, EVEN WHEN IN A BAD MOOD. Don’t just cry when you listen to songs divulging a child’s love and regret.


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long list! haha include me in some of your activities too :D:D

Comment by tyb

yea! we’re going on an adventure next friday!

Comment by zhree

Ahem.. “curb the growth of flab”!?!? Excuse me? U got no flab to speak of!! There’s nothing to curb!!!

Comment by Kristy

eh you haven’t seen my boing boing tummy!

Comment by zhree

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