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September 29, 2009, 05:08
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Too many things to do; even uploading photos / blogging has become a chore! (But the garish cherry banner up there really bugs me, HAVE to change it soon)

And another chore – bathing. D-:< My dad made a bet with me today, if I don’t bathe before I take a midnight nap (which usually ends up in a long, deep sleep), I have to pay him 100 US dollars; but if I do, there’ll be $10 for me!

And guess what, I WIN! If only we could have this bet every day!


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wah this kind of bet also can have one ! HAHAHA

Comment by tyb

EH JY YOUR DAD IS A GENIUS! I can do that bet with u when we’re back in school so that u can finish yr homework at night before slping. But of course, we will need to change what we’re betting on, or else i’m going to end up slping in a box on the street in a few months time rather than slping in the same room as you.

Comment by Kristy

@yb: yep we betted on lots of (horrible) things too (e.g. whether obama would get assassinated before his term is up). i’m sure i’ll win that one as well! (pls be safe and sound obama!)

@kr: haha if we bet on that i’ll probably definitely be the one ending up as a hobo!

Comment by zhree

hahaha! so ur dad betted that obama will be assassinated?

LOL me and my mom just had a bet on whether choo will come back from france being more fashionable than us! -.- HAHAHA

Comment by tyb

yep, but i think my dad’s gonna win cus obama’s getting so unpopular nowadays :-(

Comment by zhree

testing testing.
your butterfly post cannot leave any comments, no matter how many retarded spams ive tried.
either way,
your blog isnt validated as xhtml strict…
“Errors found while checking this document as XHTML 1.0 Strict!”
sooooooooo hahahahahahahs

Comment by `jiamin

haha what alien language is this!

Comment by zhree

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