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Favourite manga at the moment!
September 20, 2009, 07:47
Filed under: Good Stuff, Manga


(Bleah why the ugly white blotches. D-:)

Anyway, the page up there is from Warau Kanoko-sama, the perfect stuff for procrastination! Finally one of those rare shoujo titles that’s neither cheesy nor formulaic! It has an atypical (and kaypoh!) Feste-like character at the helm, keenly observing and prying out details of her schoolmates’ private lives.

This manga really goes against the whole shoujo thing about developing relationships, because everytime Kanoko gets too involved in a story, she’ll pack up and move on to the next one. I wonder how long she’ll keep going like that before settling down on one storyline?


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hahas. your usual popular blog (this post particularly) hasnt garnered any comments ! hahahas becaue you posted a random? piece of manga.
ehhhhh and anyways is there any options whereby you get to choose/ limit the type of codes your visitors can post?

wooohooos. (spams spam spams) ‘IS can work here too (x

Comment by `jiamin

haha not that i know of! oh ya wanted to ask you, how did you change the bat logo (the green monster at the side) last time?

Comment by zhree

but i have not changed the stupid monster before !

Comment by `jiamin

“how did you change the bat logo (the green monster at the side)”
you know what, i think im almost sure that joining wordpress would allow me to change that.

Comment by `jiamin

yup but i didn’t know that guests can change their avatars too.

you did! look here, 6th from the top:

Comment by zhree

dotz, jm is what jing mei put la.

… not me. so un-understanding.

Comment by Anonymous

oh…oops my bad. i must go qn jingmei then!

Comment by zhree

but jing mei is a member !


Comment by tilleternity

and erm ms zheng jiayin. just to clarify i posted that . LOLS

Comment by `jiamin

haha what is that thing! mr crab with chicken legs?

he seems to be having a heated argument with my green tofu.

Comment by zhree

oppps why my name never appear. eh the comment feed .. scared people cannot see my spams ar o.0

spams spams spams.

Comment by `jiamin

haha i think i’m spamming more myself!

Comment by zhree

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