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Go on, chirp
September 7, 2009, 04:00
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You do your midnightly job, I do mine.

Multiple late nights of facing this endless work are really making me KAJBDKJBAB. The mouldy cheese I have up there is showing further signs of decomposition.

Why do the weekends always pass by in a flash?

And it’s all silent now, maybe even you’ve gone to sleep. :-(


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Yeah.. i hate it when weekends pass so fast and before u even manage to get a single piece of schoolwork done, the weekend is over alr.. rwar..

Comment by Kristy

jy so emo! haha i love weekends! its the only time i can really chiong and get everything done

Comment by tyb

haha the stuff both of you said are opposite from each other! wah i think liddat the whole sem is gonna zoom past very fast

Comment by zhree

haha yeah vacation is coming soon, and then sem1 will be over! i dread the exams part! )))):

Comment by tyb

time really flies! half the semester is over like that!

Comment by yunxuan

yeah!!! very fast!

Comment by tyb

hey blog!

Comment by jm

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