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Bare your heart
September 3, 2009, 01:38
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Haven’t seen any ravenous creatures around though, thankfully!

Okay maybe except for one.

HL814 Mid-term assignment

“… a book where each phrase is a moment. Each one complete and necessary. Each one is self reliant: completes its work without leaving it up to the following phrase. As if nobody knew whether another would follow
– Hélène Cixous

If Cixous is to be believed, the implication(s) of her claim is that a book is a paradoxical premise; composed both of phrases that are complete within themselves, and yet part of something else. This would suggest that the book is both a sum of complete totals, and yet never quite just that summation: it is both more and less than its parts at the same time.

Please respond to Cixous’ claim with reference to at least one text (which may or may not be from the course readings).



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Is that like, for literature? ZOMG.

Comment by vivien

yes D-: in comparison PAT seems like a saint now

Comment by zhree


Comment by `jiamin


Comment by zhree


Comment by `jiamin

use logic to answer. is it self-contradictory?

Comment by jm

nope, don’t think so!

[edit] haha now that i look at this again, it sounds very jingmei. *shi hou zhu ge liang* dunno when you’ll ever see this, but how did you change the avatar??

Comment by zhree

what a shitty assignment!

Comment by choo

haha yea the lecturer is going to be sneezing a lot today from all my curses! D-:<

Comment by zhree

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