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Inching towards 4.00
August 20, 2009, 03:57
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Reporting from hall! Everyone in my room is fast asleep already, so I must move as stealthily as an A-class ninja. But being a clumsy oaf, I’m making much more noise than I should be, hope that didn’t jerk them out of lalaland. And the ceiling light seems much too bright now; tomorrow I definitely have to figure out how to turn on my desk lamp (?) so I can switch the main light off and avoid disrupting their beauty sleep too much.

Well I need mine too (desperately), but my hair’s still damp so I’m wasting time here while willing it to dry faster. Very very very very tired.

Okay shall end this rambling post abruptly with a photo of my favourite animal, the horse!


Look at his weary, forlorn gaze. Signs of overwork!


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Jiayin! Why you sleep so late one? Out partaying?

Comment by vivien

haha you then party animal ah!

Comment by zhree

haha u dont know how to turn on the desk lamp after SO LONG there? theres a switch at the top right hand corner behind the light tube.

Comment by tyb

yup krystal told me alr. i only just noticed its existence last week!

Comment by zhree


Comment by choo

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