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Blank slate
August 16, 2009, 23:39
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Hello! It’s been a long while since I last blogged! Partially because I had no internet access for quite a few days, and also because I’ve gotten a little tired of blogging. But before readership dives to rock-bottom I better add a quick (I hope) update to fill the long silence!

Over the week, these happened:

1. Officially entered school! Got lost in the South spine maze (really wish the buildings were interconnected) and groupmates said I walked a few times past the classroom without realising! Oops :-S  

2. The night before the start of school, I began my stay in hall! Not the happiest night…but the conditions of the ready-for-YOG Hall 12 rooms are amazing! I would’ve taken a few pictures to show off to residents of aged, neglected hostels, but I guess they’re envious enough already. So far, I’ve visited the rooms of grand old dames Hall 1 (with the longest history) and 2, as well as the newly-furnished Hall 8, and I must say that Hall 12’s environment is still the best! Having heard horror stories of inconsiderate hallmates (pee streaming from the shower cubicle next to yours), randomly allocated roomies and deplorable living conditions (insect waste decorating your walls?), I guess I’m pretty lucky after all.

3. Went for Hall Bash! My alcohol tolerance is surprisingly high, given how together with an OG friend I downed nearly a whole jug of (I can’t remember its name) and didn’t suffer from any aftereffects. I did witness that though, it only takes a while for someone on an alcohol-induced high to plummet to a slumped-on-the-ground low. But at least it’s okay when people are around looking after you.

4. First time going for Crystal Jade buffet! And after that, crashed Hall 8’s midnight picnic atop ADM hill (??). The crashies eased in without too much awkwardness, it was hard to see who’s who in the dark. Ended up eating and eating since no one was touching the potato chips, despite the “picnic” agenda. Also, there was a “bar soap” joke which nobody really understood (they didn’t want to tell us because they said it would pollute our “innocent” minds). Then, we left and trekked to different halls, and dispersed at around 3 am. But even after 4, Krystal was not in the room yet! Wah, night owl! 

5. [edit] I almost forgot – class trips to Art Friend! Unfriendly prices there, resulting in another huge hole in pocket. I’m now spending money like nobody’s business, really really have to stop splurging on unnecessary things. Which means no more taxi rides during peak hours EVEN if I’m lugging many bags weighing a ton.

6. MOUNTAIN OF HOMEWORK. Which I haven’t touched at all!

And I got deja vu from one of our readings (which we are supposed to write a “short” 750-word essay on). It starts off like this:

“According to an ancient etymology, the word image should be linked to the root imitari. Thus we find ourselves immediately at the heart of the most important problem facing the semiology of images: can analogical representation (the ‘copy’) produce true systems of signs and not merely simple agglutinations of symbols?” 

In the past, I had always counted on PAT’s not-so-retentive memory to get away from the many heteroglossia mumble jumble assignments she piled on us. But that’s impossible to repeat now. 

And, the above chunk (which my old man’s brain took a long enough time to decipher) contains only two sentences out of a paragraph, one paragraph out of a page, a single page out of twenty…….


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Hahaha heteroglossia! OMG.

Comment by vivien

LOL! i’m really wondering if my teacher (his surname’s tan) is a distant cousin of PAT…

Comment by zhree

LOL both of you are night owls! gosh

Comment by tyb

no lah kr’s the one! haha i’m a hall bum

Comment by zhree

i am soooo glad you and lydia have started blogging. now i have more interesting things to read besides that “rhetoric of the image”… so CHEEM!

Comment by shuning (lim)

haha i’m still stuck at first page! i tried tagging your blog yesterday but dunno why cannot :’-( shall try again next time!

Comment by zhree

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