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Hello, hello, I’m at a place called Vertigo
August 1, 2009, 05:43
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Was really tired after long-di cycling trip today, so much that I even considered sleeping at a park on my way home (did so for <1 min before dragging myself up), and konked out almost straightaway when I reached home sweet home. Then, slept past the matriculation period! :-(  Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait (im)patiently for tomorrow to find out which foundation group I’m in. In the meantime, shall summarize the perks of being in NTU:

1. No bidding (for now)! Lucky for me, because I’m still struggling to understand all the simple electives/modules stuff. Bidding in itself already sounds like a real hassle, and on top of that still need to compete with seniors who have more points in hand.

2. No need to make a trip down to school every few days to collect stuff/register! Everything is done online.

Yep hopefully all these pluses will counter the dreadful minuses i.e. the monster distance between NTU and my house. Ack can’t imagine moving into hall on 8 Aug, which is…7 days from now!

Anyway, I finally received hall camp news today, apparently I’m in a group called Knuckles. Other than the usual stuff, packing list includes swimsuit, as feared! So (mental note) have to buy one tomorrow. And next on the list, “a gift for your secret partner“! O.O Aiyo what gift. People with “secret partner” experience, please share! Hmm and I wonder how hiong hall camp would actually be!

Oh and another thing, I wanted to do a photo compilation of this week’s events (in other words, a photo spam to resuscitate this near-dead blog), since this is technically the last week of holidays for me. Then, I realised that I don’t actually have many pictures after all! (No camwhores in our midst :’-( ) 

This week so far: Shopping spree (pathological spendthrift strikes again!),
Celebrity sightings, Percussion Drum Master in Illuma arcade (fun!), Harry Potter (disappointing…), Drumming as usual, Mr Bean soya milk curse continues, Karaoke, Jogging + Exploring trips, Cute kids experimenting with see-saw, Brawny guy chasing after a child on a kid’s bike, Cycling, First time trying Cup Walker bubble tea (shall get a better flavour next time!), Strange motorcycle-bicycle hybrid (motorised bike?).

And I think I have a jammed music player in my head right now, U2’s Vertigo is on loop. Well at least it’s a nice song, not like the previous ones – “She wants to touch me woo ooh / She wants to love me woo ooh”, “I know you want me / You know I want her”. Oh no shouldn’t have mentioned these annoying songs, now they’re back in my head again!


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haha isnt matriculation period on now 24/7? LOL

Comment by tyb

no 10am-10pm only

Comment by zhree

really meh. i thought its 10am on the first day and until 10pm on the last day!!! haha

Comment by tyb


Comment by Kristy

top floor! :-D

Comment by zhree

yo. long time no see! go out again when school starts? we can start hanging out in the west. haha.

Comment by jingmei

ya lor can explore the west! must find something to replace kampong chai chee!

Comment by zhree

hahas testing hor. lols/

Comment by `jiamin

it didn’t work :\

Comment by `jiamin

Eh jiayin blog lehhhhhhhhhh.

Comment by vivien

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