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Ba La Ba La
July 25, 2009, 03:33
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Last time I was too bored to blog, now I’m too lazy. But this place has been left stagnant for too long, so here goes, photo updates!

Alive, Dead, Missing FOC last week (all photos kupped from Facebook):

Initiation Night

Long, blindfolded nightwalk (felt a bit like nameless criminals lining up to get executed) which led to the slide down ADM hill! :-D

Was expecting the slide but definitely not that sudden splash of cold water!

Ji Niu Nai ah Ji Niu Nai!

Paint-splattered shirts after the paint bomb war!

Arms race!

Bam bam! 6 lives each. I couldn’t last 5 minutes even though I was hiding fearlessly firing laser beams behind a battle fort most of the time.


People who lost all lives forming a formidable line of defence to protect the sole survivor!

Lelong, lelong...

ADM-er posing as an autistic (?) beggar at Sungei Road Thieves Market, one of our Amazing Race stations. Brilliant right! There was another suspicious, shifty-looking guy – who holds the clue to the next station – wandering around the market. The storyline: They had escaped from the scary UMB Corporation and are trying to help us find the antidote to alleviate the effects of the drug we consumed on the first day.

Highlight: Fright Night!

Best Fright Night ever! A lot of surprises, a lot of attention to details. And there was one part that was like straight out of Resident Evil, with zombies chasing you down long corridors, then plastering their faces on and clawing at the glass door when you manage to escape through it.

And lastly… Bash Night!
Stokers in masks

Skits by every group, many including guys in drag! Ours was a gameshow spoof, starting off with a Persephone imitation complete with the bzzt bzzt effects. 

Also, got the developed photos this week from drum school! My favourite one:

Image credits: MDS!


As for hall allocation, me and Krystal are in Hall 12! It’s very far away from everyone else, but thank god we didn’t get Hall 7 or 8. Twelve sounds good, Kr says that it has just undergone a renovation :-D, and from what I’ve heard there’s a shortcut to S3.1, my study location in Year 1. Anyway common toilets aren’t so bad after all – I used the one in Hall 8 before and it’s not at all dirty/shabby as speculated. Now I’m glad we didn’t get shared toilets!

Oh one more thing – is anyone getting a fridge? It’ll cost an extra $80 per semester, but…how to survive late nights in uni without midnight snacks and ice cream? 

Can you believe it, uni life is beginning in two weeks’ time! I’m not ready for it, yet. I’m too used to my current lazy lifestyle, the thought of packing up and leaving my comfort zone… no not so soon please!


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why not hall 7 or 8?? 7 is near to my school! HAHA. and s3.1 do u mean at south spine block there? im in hall 14, which is more ulu than 12 leh! lol at least 12 and 14 are still quite near! :D:D

at first i wanted a fridge, until i found out need pay $80 more, so maybe not. =)

Comment by tyb

it’s near the medical checkup place, dunno which spine lah haha! hall 14 is really quite far from your school leh, but at least there’s a shuttle bus.

Comment by zhree

Jy, check with u ah.. For the hall camp did u receive any email saying that ur accepted or sth? Cus i thot the moment we apply then we’ll be inside le, but i have another fren telling me that they go thru a selection process and only those selected will receive email. =X

Comment by Kristy

no i didn’t receive anything :-S eh what’s the selection criteria? i was planning to pester them through email if i don’t receive notification by next week.

@yb: 50-80 only???! that’s quite miserable

Comment by zhree

ya i dont think everyone who applied will get it, only like maybe around 50-80 for each hall.

Comment by tyb

I’m not sure whats their selection criteria, but i think they might give priority to those who dun have a roomy yet bah.. *shrugs*

Comment by Kristy

ya lor 14 is so far from my schoool. ): but they say the hall nearer to my school are the oldhalls. so at least i will get a new renovated hall which is good! YAY :D

Comment by tyb

you received the hall camp reply yet? i got mine today!

Comment by zhree

ohh so u got it ?? haha they called me ytd but i didnt pick up, and im lazy to call them back. and anw, i dont really feel like going anymore, since 2 out of the 6 days of camp i wont be able to go

Comment by tyb

who is it who is it who is it!!!!!!!!! tell me whos ur friend!!!!!!

Comment by choo

LOL! probably the one you suspected

Comment by zhree

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