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It’s beautiful isn’t it, the moon
July 12, 2009, 07:21
Filed under: Films

Watched The Order of the Phoenix just now (yep only just!), and it got me excited about the upcoming HP movie. Will soon be seeing more of Luna Lovegood,
Bellatrix (/Helena Bonham Carter!), dear old Snape, Dumbledore :’-(, as well as 
our favourite nose-deprived comeback kid.

Oh and of course, more Ron goodness (post- love potion) on the big screens! >:-D











Yes it’s the same chubbybuck-toothed Neville Longbottom you know! It’s strange, the ones who are not supposed to be good-looking (Hermione, Neville) are all trumping the ones who are (HARRY POTTER, Ginny, Cho) in the looks department!


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Yes Neville is so much better looking than Harry. D:

Comment by Vivien

omg when did neville become so hot!

Comment by yunxuan

i was shocked when i saw him in the 5th movie, now he’s two heads taller than harry potter alr!

Comment by zhree

haha!!omg that is neville??he’s tons better looking than harry!i totally agree with you abt hermione n neville trumping harry,ginny n cho in the looks department:D

Comment by mhui

Waaaahhh… he looks so different from in the first movie!!!

Comment by Kristy

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