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July 8, 2009, 02:33
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It’s a bit late, but recently I found a fun game called Restaurant City! It’s not really fun fun, but it’s strangely comforting to see the restaurant running by itself and hear the sizzling sound as the food is being cooked.

I like games where you don’t have to do much to keep the whole thing going, here’s another one: MyBrute! It’s a fighting game where you can’t really strategise and pick the best abilities for your character to maximise its chances of winning (I’m really bad at that). Everything is decided by chance, so you just have to sit back and watch your character battle against another. The only thing you need to do is to find disciples, so help me out by fighting bushy-haired zhree at http://zhree.mybrute.com/!

Oh speaking of chances, how come all these TV dramas (especially the blockbusters) keep on talking about “fate”, “heaven’s will” nowadays? It makes for a hackneyed ending; good guys survive, bad guys receive ‘just’ punishment, no surprises there. There’s a lot of misplaced effort too, and characters remain nothing more than paper cut-outs to the very end, not people we can actually sympathize with. So even if the scriptwriters throw in more than the usual dose of intense scenes and deaths, it doesn’t make any difference.

Also, Mind Cafe finally, yay! Dirty Minds quite cool! No pictures to show though, so this post will be another wordy one. Must remember to take more pictures from now on! And also use up the Golden Half film before school starts.

[edit] I was sick of the small font of this theme a few days ago, but after switching themes for awhile I decided that this one looks much better after all. Solid black font wins!


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haha but RC will get kind of boring after sometime! u lazy la, play games that dont even need to be played! -.-

Comment by tyb

but i really suck at strategy games leh! i played DOTA for noobs once and still got called a noob :-(

Comment by zhree

yup it’s a bit late right now .. but it is your most active time slot of the day . so are you here ? (: lOL

Comment by `jiamin

i don’t have a fixed time slot one lah haha! today i woke up at 5am, amazing right?

Comment by zhree

hmm.. i suck at dota too. )):
so sad.
play lamo mmorpg or normal rpg
for mmorpg .. you choose your job, your skills (and stats, if applicable) and then you wack monster to level. it is no brainer enough for your right! you can just randomly pick if you’d liked, because as long as you repeatedly train hard, you will become strong! it is really non-strategic, unless you start becoming money-minded and of course the usual route to becoming rich is buying and selling in the market place..
normal rpg.
even easier !

there is already a given setting, casted characters and even a plot. all you have to do is to give those little things names and follow the plot, learn the story and kill the monsters with those already planned skills. simple, right ? (:

Comment by `jiamin

Disappointed once again… i left with thousand shreds of a broken heart.
sorrow x 1,000,000,000,000,000.00 X 100

to clarify, the above mentioned information regarding rpgs is only a general guideline. (:

Comment by `jiamin

oh the numbers just reminded me of something. got my height measured at ntu and it says 159.3 cm! byebye 10K cm friend, now i’m not even 160 :’-(

Comment by zhree

eh how come u know ur height! the woman never even tell me after she took the height and weight!):

Comment by tyb

she didn’t tell me either! the measurements were shown at the side of the machine.

Comment by zhree

ohhhh! hahaha i didnt catch that ):

Comment by tyb

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