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July 7, 2009, 03:56
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Dug out the Sec 4 Math papers for my brother just now, and got reminded again of my dreadful grades back then. I had gotten a big fat 54/200 = 27/100, epic fail! How terrible. Same goes for the science subjects – 20/100, 30/100, etc. I really wonder how I managed to escape from retainment back then! It’s probably thanks to those nice people whom I copied assignments from (remember those mass-copying sessions?), and the humanities subjects which helped to pull my overall grade up.

I’m really glad that I’ve gotten through all these though, I just glanced at those science notes I got there and almost died. Golgi apparatus, what’s that? And that’s already the most friendly-looking of the lot. I wouldn’t ever want to bury my head in those kind of jargon again even if I’m given a million dollars, so I feel really sorry for people who have to go through it now. Especially people with the lazy gene in them, I don’t know how you can cramp these stuff into your brain (I’ve tried all ways, diffusion doesn’t work), but just do it anyway, good luck!

Once you get past the O-levels hurdle though (for me, Sec 4 exams), it’s a lot easier. Thanks to the humanities subjects I chose, I practically slacked my way through the past two years. It’s amazing that I can get into university after all (although it’s only because the faculty I’m admitted into has little regard for academic performance).  

Anyway, back to those notes I was talking about. I’m a little reluctant to throw them away (still!), even though some of them brought back not-so-pleasant memories of my arch-nemesis PCT (Physics, Chem & TJF). Hmm, I guess it’s just plain old nostalgia for school life then. And I keep on thinking that I’ll have some use for them in the future, even though I know I probably won’t. I definitely won’t chuck Lang Arts, Lit and maybe some HCL stuff, but come August, 80% of this paper must go to the karang guni man, or my brother (who’s known to be a mass-torturer of all things paper), if not it’ll attract termites sooner or later. So looks like I’ve got another thing to add to my must-do list again!


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