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July 1, 2009, 03:56
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I’m happy, ’cause work at Old Pork is ending soon! Or rather, I am going to stop working soon, after next Wednesday (the 2nd week of July is coming sooner than I thought!).

Anyway, with two months’ worth of experience, there goes the rosy picture I once had of waitressing. Good service isn’t just about being as courteous and friendly as possible, you also need to be quick, agile, alert, persuasive and firm at the same time, know everything inside out and think on your feet in order to handle any situation you are confronted with (believe me there are many difficult people around).

Unfortunately, I alternate between being a snail and a bull in a china shop, and (according to feedback) I even morph into a blank-faced zombie sometimes, completely detached from the frantic ding dings! of the bell as well as the hello, wake up! gestures. My mom says that I’ll never be able to accomplish anything like this, and I guess she’s right, every time I take up an odd job I’ll have to face up to these inadequacies and the accompanying feelings of worthlessness.

But, I have also felt recognised before, my abilities affirmed. I may fare worse than others in certain respects, but I know that I’m not a useless person. If I hone my expertise well enough, someday I’ll be able to create a work environment where I feel comfortable in and am valued.

Hmm this is turning out to be a really self-motivational post, different from what I had wanted to blog about (Mind cafe and Eski bar!). Oh well it’s 3.50 am already, guess I should go now!


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