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June 29, 2009, 03:59
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Today I made a resolution – I will be an early bird, or at least a punctual bird, from tomorrow onwards. Seven consecutive days of being late for different occasions is really too much, I know. “Sorry no cure”, you say. Any more tardiness and I shudder to think about what will happen to my already-poked-to-death voodoo likeness. My only worry is that I may not have enough discipline to carry this through, and frankly speaking, being late is tied to this lazy, lethargic lifestyle that I’ve unfortunately
sunk into.

You see, I still have 101 things to do, but I’m spending my time here typing and discarding meaningless entries instead. And the stuff on my floor is piling up each day, enveloping me into this airless, claustrophobic corner of the room. I’ve become an old man already, having no energy or enthusiasm to do anything properly, no energy to lift myself off this floor even.

This quote from a stranger’s t-shirt seems really fitting right now:

Time and presence, nothing remains;
Not a single day passes by without scribbling something, even if that is a single phrase.
Do more.

Yes, action. External activities are not enough, I need some action from within. I’m not sure if the Internet is contributing to this sluggishness right now, but if it is, I am swearing off all Internet-related activities until I can finally break away from all these self-destructive cycles that I’m now embedded in.


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hahaha i hold ur word to it ah! better be early/punctual when we have our next outing! hoho :D :D :D

Comment by tyb

haha sure! :-D

Comment by zhree

i’m just curious.. what things do u have piling up on yr floor??

Comment by Kristy

eh…bags, shopping bags, vcds to watch, books to read, colour pencils, drum sticks, blah blah blah. and also a giant stand-in table cus the real one is too cluttered :-(

Comment by zhree

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