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Happy Pigs
June 23, 2009, 12:32
Filed under: Close To The Heart

Why do pigs never get any better? Because they’re happy.

Yet, even if Socrates has a capacity for happiness far more intense and profound than a pig could ever imagine, it is short-lived; I’m sure that there are moments when Socrates wants to be just a happy pig, like every one else.


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Bad reasoning. =)

How do you know that pigs are happy? If pigs are not happy, then how can Socrates be a happy pig?

(Note: Pig does not equate to happiness. I thought people usually call each other pig because they are stupid? ->> Socrates wants to be stupid??? haha.)

Comment by jingmei

haha i’m referring to the “would you rather be a happy pig or a sad socrates” question. it originated from this quote: “It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.”

nobody knows exactly what the pig feels of course, but it is assumed that pigs are happy (i.e. contented) because they have no worries, all they have to do is to eat, sleep, eat, sleep the whole day long. so a satisfied pig will not be able to see beyond its way of life and seek to improve it.

it’ll seem better (read: expected of us) to choose the sad socrates answer, because socrates, as a human, is capable of being exposed to a whole range of experiences that a pig is forever blind to. the flip side is that there’ll be a lot more pain, a lot more sadness, no long-lasting happiness. so i’m sure that even socrates would sometimes wish to be mindlessly happy like a pig when the going gets too tough.

Comment by zhree

WHOA.. why the sudden GP-KI flashback? Lol.. EH, so THIS is why u were late for cycling yst huh! Caught u red-handed!!

Comment by Kristy

oops :-X LOL it’s the withdrawal symptoms! *itching to debate*

Comment by zhree

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