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Never trust hairdressers
June 21, 2009, 01:26
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I was promised a new, exciting “box” (she means “bob” actually) and instead I got a “deformed mushroom”! Omg. Now all I can do is to wait patiently for my hair to grow out and rely on hairbands in the meantime.

Chinadoll bob

Bob envy!

Anyway, I have a permanent cut-hair buddy and a workout pal from now on! I’m glad for links like these, they make me feel more secure about friendships, like a guarantee against friends drifting apart. I used to think that close bonds can be cultivated with time alone, but I guess this does not apply to every one after all. The people you feel at home with and can converse about anything in the world to; they are the ones who share the same frequency as you and (at least for me) true friends like these don’t come often. And by true friends I am not referring to trustworthiness or dependability but just the simple fact that you are able to feel like the person you are / want to be around them. So you can have many, many acquaintances with whom you have interactions which barely scratch below the surface, but I guess it’s really chance (sorry don’t like the word “fate”) that brings true friends together.

Also, I’m excited! Plenty of things to look forward to next week: Swimming, cycling, shopping, good food, and possibly karaoke! Yes that’s all it takes to pull myself out of that deep, yawning valley – good activities and company. Byebye valley, hello plateau!


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yikes that means i haven’t seen you in your new hairstyle.
omg and so many buddies you have. *stares*
-,= perhaps it is really time to boycott your blog. (:
err no wait. i am blog-buddy? -.-

Comment by `jiamin

yea comrade! and sms buddy! (if you switch on your phone)

“boycott”…! D-‘:

Comment by zhree

yikes >.<
can i be neither! so unfun -.=
hahsa boycott!

Comment by `jiamin

NOOOOOOO! *tries to prevent blog from folding with more metal scaffold*

Comment by zhree

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