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June 15, 2009, 06:40
Filed under: Close To The Heart

I hate gastric pain / cramps. I can’t really remember the pain now that it’s over, but at their worst, these two afflictions become terrible monsters that make me writhe around clutching my tummy while feeling a strong compulsion to drive something blunt through it. I also resort to popping two painkillers at one go, but they are always too mild, or too slow in taking effect.

I remember writing stupid things like “suffering is a necessary part of being human” (in what else but GP) just to make a point, now I’m taking all that back. When the pain is over it makes you feel like you are strong enough to overcome it next time, but no. In the midst of suffering, even death seems like a good trade-off for quick alleviation from pain. That sounds like an exaggeration, but when moderate gastric pain intensifies to the point where it’s unbearable it really puts strange thoughts into your head.  

And now I can feel Gastric Pain creeping back again. Go away, shoo!


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Omg so true totally support your pt. And of coz envious of your linguistic abilities to write so well. Ok all agree except for the aft the pain is over you feel strg enuf to overcm it. For me it is nvr want to endure such torturous pain again bt it is ever recurring. Hw sad.

Comment by `jiamin

eh you suffer from the gastric monster too? i hate it, it comes back every day! doc says that if the medicine does not help it may be gastric ulcer :-/ omg

Comment by zhree

lol ya lor. bad gastric.
idk any details leh.
i think i look better than doctors so never go visit doctor (LOLS =.=)
but frankly speaking sometimes gastric reallly quite bad tho so sad. sooooooooo bad that my limited vocab cannot describe.

Comment by `jiamin

yep i know i’m having it now actually but luckily it’s still at the tolerable stage. (i still hate it with a vengeance though!)

if it’s recurring must go do the scope thing to see whether thr’s an ulcer. haha we can go tgt!

oh also, advice from fellow sufferer ong huishan: eat porridge in the morning to give your stomach a protective lining. haven’t tried it yet, hope it works!

Comment by zhree

lol i always sleep hungry >.<
nah. porridge everyday will kill me . haha

Comment by `jiamin

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