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I’m so hungry that I can swallow up my soup bowl
June 10, 2009, 01:29
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I had made up my mind to stop blogging, but barely two days have passed before I’m back again! How indecisive. Most of the time, I only need a slight trigger to swing from one end to the other.

Anyway, first trip to an internet cafe yesterday! In my mind, an internet cafe is something like this:

With cafe assistants and a cup of coffee at the side ;-D








BUT, the one I entered with Patricia turned out to be dingy, dimly-lit AND smoke-filled. Of course. Oh well, for $1 / 30 min, I guess it’s well worth the money.

Earlier on we had also gone into Bras Basah Mcdonalds for coffee. The 2nd floor looked good, there were nicely designed tables & chairs, as well as comfy sofas which you can happily bounce on. It would definitely have made it to my “Good hangout spots” list IF ONLY that place weren’t crawling with mugging students who had permanently taken up all the nice seats we wanted D-:<

Lastly, note to self!

Gobble up that bowl!


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this is the one you want to delete ? o.O lol ok lar. but the bread looks nice. .________.

aw you don’t have to keeep blogging to maintain a so called active blog! it is better to blog something interesting/meaningful/nice written/ (good stuffs) then blogg random useless stupid rubbish everyday. ((:
hahs so keep your blog open lo. see
you best comrade is here to maintain your blog readership. ((:

Comment by `jiamin

yup. me too. just blog! =)

Comment by jingmei

yes the bread looks super nice, although the price doesnt HAHA

Comment by tyb

@JM&JM: YAY thanks! :-D

@YB: yep the price is a downer but the beef goulash looks too good! *hungry*

Comment by zhree

LOL i thought you call me come back own self never come back o.0
hhas so by any chance are you online . *____*

Comment by `jiamin

so fast gone liao arhrx.

Comment by `jiamin

eh so weird how come i didn’t see this the last time i came. and i wonder if you’ll ever see this reply!

Comment by zhree

Erm perhaps you neednt wonder about this. Haha. See! I just read your reply with credits to you. ((:

Comment by `jiamin

Eh, i think Soup Spoon has sth similar to this also rite?

Comment by Kristy

eh really? ugh but i’m a bit sick of soups for now

Comment by zhree

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