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Should I stay or should I go
June 8, 2009, 00:49
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It has only been less than a month and I’m already running out of steam.

Just a few hours ago, I was eager to write about unexpected free aglio olios and recent events, but all that enthusiasm is gone now. Long-time bloggers, where do you get the motivation to continue?

Dwindling things make me depressed;


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finally i see you complaining about ur boredom! lol and guess what i have been blogging since sec 1, which makes it 7 years! but my blog is more to record my daily life events so i wont forget etc. LOL and i blog because i am BORED!!!

Comment by tyb

hmm opposite here! i only blog when i’m feeling excited abt something. i wrote a lot of (actually two) unpublished emo posts though.

Comment by zhree

I KNOW WHERE> i believe this is one reason for some long term bloggers:
>> ads on their web. and active blogging = active readership = active source of income. =D WOOOTS

Comment by `jiamin

but ads also clutter your website and make it load slowly (like xiaxue’s blog O_O). i prefer blogs with lots of whitespace :-D

Comment by zhree

you can’t deny the fact that she is earning quite a sum from those ads. …
anyways me don’t like ads too. hahas
depends on yourself de lor.
i only gave a stupid reason. =.-

Comment by `jiamin

wah your reply super fast!

Comment by zhree

you’re too late. hahas. =/

Comment by `jiamin

haha the nuffnang ad i tried to place on my web isnt earning a single cent so i removed it long ago

Comment by tyb

hahas not enough readership ma.
that is the general guideline
but active blogging does not naturally translate into active readership.
perhaps its my equal sign that is misused.

Comment by `jiamin

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