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This is what happens when you enter at the wrong time
June 5, 2009, 03:46
Filed under: Strangers

#1 Highlight of the day:

Leave me alone, please










Type A: The All-American Good Guy spotted! You know, that type with deep-set eyes, thick eyebrows and a righteous-man aura; the category which Brandon Routh (who played Superman) falls under. Although I’ve seen a few Type A customers already, they are usually flanked by workmates / friends, while this one came alone, plugged into earphones and reading The Financial Times (!). 

If he had thought that he could get some peace and quiet by going into an isolated restaurant at a peculiar hour, tough luck for him! Because he was the only customer around, with his seat facing the counter, he became the immediate centre of attention for two female paparazzi people-watchers (people-watching is an art okay!). And I couldn’t stop smiling creepily as I observed him, he’s too good-looking!  ……..yes I know that I am deprived :-(.

Anyway, although we were staring at him very openly, he didn’t seem to notice / care at all. Maybe he was truly oblivious to his surroundings due to those earphones, or the good (?) food he was tucking into, or maybe, he just had a self-esteem healthy enough to block out all unwanted stares from strangers, as well as their idle gossip. That’s pretty amazing!


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haha the guy looks abit like the angmoh guy whom u asked me to take photo of that time at pasirris mac feeding the lil girl!

Comment by tyb

eh all the paparazzi photos happened to be of ang mohs!

Comment by zhree

WOW!!he looks so good,despite the not-so-clear quality of that picture=)

Comment by mhui

hello fellow “people-watcher”! yep but i guess he won’t ever step into that place again unless he loves attention

Comment by zhree

LOL tsk tsk, jiayin x) Anyway first visit at your blog, despite you giving me the url quite a while ago. Jus wanna say that I think that… your blog is very happening! (: Take care and see you soon!

Comment by Bel

haha i’m always blocked by the giant wall whenever i try to sneak into your blog :’-( i’m dis-illusioned!

Comment by zhree

aiyo. jy is deprived. LOL.

Comment by jingmei

ya lor. and bored as well!

Comment by zhree

You know what, actually he’s French. *cryptic answer*

Comment by she-who-must-not-be-named

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