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Uniquely Sporean?
June 3, 2009, 03:23
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Hello S’poreans!

If a sojourner wants to return home with something to commemorate her stay here, what would you recommend?

I really couldn’t think of anything at all when she asked, and my mind’s still blank even now. Ok I know I’m a failed S’porean, but other than chickenricedurianbakchormeelaksa which you can’t bring home (when home is a few thousand kilometres away), what else have we got?

Buy me, buy me not

Overpriced, mass-manufactured Merlion souvenir = NO DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! The Merlion does not reflect our lifestyle / preferences anyway, it’s only some commercial symbol created by dear STB, hmph.

So I flipped the small red ‘Things that make us Singaporean’ book for some ideas, and here are a few of them:


Ping, ping, pang, pang

MILO! Our staple energy drink! So it didn’t really originate from S’pore :-S, but doesn’t matter! Where else can you get spin-offs like Milo Dinosaur, Milo Godzilla etc?



I’m a fan of NeWater! As well as those cute tiny bottles which make your palms hurt when you try to uncap them.

 Nyonya Kueh

NYONYA DISHES!!! …Ok kidding. Too much hype surrounding Nyonya stuff nowadays! Though I must admit that Kueh Lapis, Ondeh Ondeh, Kueh Salat and Kueh Dadar all taste pretty good.


Air your dirty laundry!

A postcard / picture of our heartland flats! Dry your laundry outside, and look out for any dripping clothes from above!

Okay, that’s all for now!


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