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Geh! Another would-be purchase!
May 29, 2009, 00:28
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Saw this doggy all snuggled up in a customer’s pram today, and have to get one for myself soon:












Just look at him!!! *Googly eyes*

Ahem, just to clarify, I usually don’t go ga-ga over soft toys, much less toy dogs, but this one’s different. He’s limp, floppy, with very little stuffing; the kind which you can happily cuddle (read: squuueeeze the life out of) every day! And with that downcast, pitiful no-one-wants-me expression he’s wearing…okaypurchaseconfirmedka-chink!

I’ve even thought of the perfect name for him – *drum roll* … Doggy poggy! Yes I know I have zero creativity / taste in giving names D-: My favourite childhood soft toy, a bird, is called Birdie; the monkey is called Mr Monkey; and my Ernie hand puppet is called…well, Ernie.


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wooots more false impressions !
psps the dog doesn’t look as nice as you claimed o.O (opppps)

Comment by `jiamin

i object! (to both statements)

okay lah actually i agree a bit with the 2nd one, cus the dog in this picture looks somewhat different from the one in my memory. he’s not photogenic! D-:

Comment by zhree

Wootsie so fun. O.o you actually agreed more with the second statement!? So you blog is alr popular and no need me to patronize o.o . Is that right. O.o.
I am so wasting time and electricity here o.o.

Comment by `jiamin

“i object” is because *whisper* give false impressions cannot say out loud mah.

haiyo comrade cannot leave this place stranded lah… if not will start breeding mosquitoes again

0.0 0.o o.o o.0 0.0
(never use before, testing testing)

Comment by zhree

O.o oh. See! I am back again.
So why are you using my favourite o.o

Comment by `jiamin

i’ve stolen one from you and cloned it! mwahahaha!
v1 o.o o.o o.o o.o o.o o.o o.o o.o o.o
v2 O.o o.O O.o o.O O.o o.O O.o o.O

Comment by zhree

how about…wuffs?

Comment by Anonymous

hello mysterious reader! hmm you must be a certain 19-year-old miss christine from new york right?

wuffs is nice, but hard to pronounce! FFF-SSS FFF-SSS FFF-SSS wah impossible for me

Comment by zhree

No, how many times have i told you, my friend, that i’m from across the Causeway!

Comment by Anonymous

oops zhree kayu. hello melayu friend! apa khabar? let’s go makan expensive food and drinks, your treat!

Comment by zhree

hello!are you hinting something??;)

Comment by mhui

oh of course not! ;-D

Comment by zhree

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