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Mask and Matchsticks
May 23, 2009, 00:27
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Hyeh hyeh hyeh









Got this mask two days ago when I went to see the TCM doctor. First time wearing a mask! With half my face covered I experienced a new sort of freedom. I could smile, sneer, make funny faces at complete strangers and no one would notice anything amiss. Heh!

Oh and I must remember to do an experiment with the mask sometime – wear it out on the streets and see whether people would try to avoid me like the plague. If my hypothesis is correct, then next time I would know what to do whenever I face jam-packed buses or trains during peak hours! >:-D

Also, today I saw this anorexic girl at the MRT station. 

If my arms resemble matchsticks, I really don’t know what to call hers, because her thighs were about as skinny as my arms! Was hoping (probably in vain) that she was heading towards a restaurant for a gigantic feast.


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hahas your frequent reader is back, for I am really so really bored at home. Am I your only reader? because i am so helping you to upkeep your blog .^>^.
with readers you will be more motivated to blog ^-^
oh and in the end you forgot to show me that stupid mask o_0
Plus d&t that time never wear meh? o_0 or music cls no d&t o_0

Comment by `jiamin

lol i also don’t know, only you and krystal have commented before. but on average i have 15 views per day so probably got other visitors? haha unless you make up all the 15 views!

nooo no d&t lessons, what does d&t stand for anyway? mep people are sad people, we don’t have home econs either :’-(

Comment by zhree

Haha.. d&t stands for design and technology.. and btw, i think if u wear a mask and look infectious (tho i dunno how ‘infectious’ looks like) and try to board a crowded bus, the bus uncle might just decide to be a prat and not stop the bus or open the doors for u at all.. Like those poor nurses during the SARS period..

Comment by Krystal

wah how can they discriminate against “socially responsible” people like that! but come to think of it actually i would have been pretty scared if i had seen a mask-wearing nurse during the SARS period :-S

Comment by zhree

im a reader of ur blog too! :D

Comment by tyb

yay! visit more visit more haha

Comment by zhree

eh how do u check the number of views all that? does blogspot have the function too? like how do some ppl keep track of the IP address of ppl coming to their web? do you know? hehe

Comment by tyb

there’s a stats chart in the wordpress dashboard, it records the number of views per day etc. and as far as i know, you can’t track the IP address of people who don’t leave comments.

haha you ask me, i’ve never used blogspot before leh. i just know that you can check the total number of views on your blogspot profile.

Comment by zhree

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